Beautiful Home. Exceptional Value.

Your new Centex home features the latest in design and functionality combined with affordability. You can choose the perfect floor plan with smart, useable space and options that allow your home to grow with you and your family. All while enjoying technology and automation that make life easier.

Modern, Functional Homes

Beautiful, spacious and affordable. You can have all three in a modern home designed for smart living.

Adaptable Floor Plans

Explore flexible floor plans with our online tool and choose options to tailor your new home layout to your needs.

Versatile Living Spaces

Centex homes are designed to give you the space to do what you want to do. Now and in the future. Spread out, relax, entertain. It’s up to you.

Smart Home Features

Enjoy the flexibility to make your home exactly as smart as you want it to be with pre-wiring to a full automation suite.

Find a Home

Find a Centex home near you.

Build Quality Experience

Developed using quality control measures, the Centex Build Quality Experience is a step-by-step process that helps to ensure your home is built with a high level of quality down to the very last detail.

A Touch of Personality

From indoor decorating ideas to getting the most out of your new home, explore these fresh trends in home décor and design.