5 Amazing Guest Room Decorating Ideas

Turn your guest room into a space that feels welcoming and well-curated. With these guest room decorating ideas, we’ll help you transform your in-between space into the perfect, overnight guest oasis.


1. Pick a theme

They say save the best for last, but this is one of our favorite guest room decorating ideas and we just can’t contain ourselves. A themed guest room is a great way to create a unique space for your guests. It can also help create some separation from the rest of your home for an added bit of privacy. These themes can be over-the-top and obvious—Hollywood glam or beachside oasis. But they can also be super subtle. Think something like black and white elegance.


2. Consider comfort

Ok, this probably should have been one of the first guest room decorating ideas that we mentioned. It’s definitely the more obvious one, although it has less to do with decoration and more to do with setting up a foundation for decorating. That includes things like a good mattress, extra pillows and blankets in the closet, and the right type of lighting. We’ll get more specific with some of these things in a minute, but remember to think of comfort and convenience first. Then decorate your heart out.


3. Delicacy is in the details

If you think back to some of your most memorable hotel stays, one thing they all probably have in common is attention to detail. Take your guest room decorating ideas to the next level by going to the next level in detail. What might this look like? Consider your guests' needs—like phone chargers by the bedside and lamps that can be turned off without getting up. Lamps also give space for mixed lighting, so it can be adjusted depending on the mood and activity.


Consider LED or neon lights for a more modern guest room, wall scones for something more classic, and lamps that diffuse light for something that feels spa-like. If you have closet space, hangers can also go a long way. And if you’re really trying to go for it, a place to elevate a suitcase and unpack it.


4. Spa-like luxury

We’ve already touched on spa-like lighting within our guest room decorating ideas, but there’s more to bringing elements of the spa to your guest space. Most of it requires a different type of attention to detail. To complete a guest experience, consider things like shampoo, conditioner, and soaps. Leave freshly folded towels somewhere in the room, consider soothing candles as an additional decoration element, and have a space for frequently forgotten items like razors or toothbrushes.


Since most people won’t be spending too much time in your guest room, it’s okay to go with bolder colors if you’ve chosen a more pronounced theme. But if you’re trying to achieve a spa-like experience, stick with neutrals or softer, more calming colors.


5. Coordinate your ideas

Even if you don’t go with a theme, make sure to tie all of your ideas together with smaller touches. This might include coordinating the colors of the bedding and curtains or matching metal finishes. If you aren’t sure what type of theme you’d want, you can always start decorating by choosing a piece of artwork that draws you in. Then design your space by highlighting colors from the picture or adding other ornamentation that matches the design. For example—if you chose a painting of flowers, you might consider using other types of flowers around the room.

Next up, after your guest room decorating project—maybe some closet organization ideas, tips for organizing your linen closet, or tricks for creating more under-the-bed storage. Or if you haven’t found your dream home yet, you might find that doing all of this is easier when you have the option to personalize your home before it’s even built.



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Published 04.14.22

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