12 Front Door Décor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

When someone walks up to your front door, what do you want them to see? Do you want them to see a plain white or gray door, or do you want them to see something that makes them smile or pleases the senses? Your front door is the way into your home, and you want it to make a good first impression. This list of 12 front door décor ideas will help you do just that.


1. Bold Colors to Brighten It Up

Sure, a white, black, or gray door is nice. A red door is too. And if that’s what you like, great. But don’t be afraid to go a little brighter and bolder with the color. Maybe a bright yellow or a teal would be just what the front of your house has been waiting for.


2. Add a Door Knocker

Sure, you probably have a doorbell, but a door knocker looks so good on a front door. You can get them in all sorts of designs, and they can really add some bling to an otherwise bare door.


3. Lighting Shows It Off

Install some decorative lighting as décor. You can hang a gorgeous fixture above the door, or you can add wall sconces to either side of the door, giving it extra visual appeal. You can then play around with the type of lighting, going with natural light, something softer, or even colored lighting.


4. Use Plants for Décor

Get some plants for around your door and your front step and put them in decorative pots or do a hanging basket. You can go for straight greenery or get some colorful flowers to really brighten things up. A potted tree does wonders, and if you are facing the sun much of the day, you can even try potted blueberry or other berry bushes.


5. Lay Out a Welcome

A doormat is the perfect way to welcome people into your home. They came in a variety of sizes and colors, and many have images or sayings on them. You can get one that says “Welcome,” or something similar, or you can get one that says something funny, like “We are probably just pretending not to be home.” You can even layer one mat on top of another for added visual appeal.


6. Change Up the Hardware

You can get a new doorknob or door handle and a new lock. A new set in a different color and finish can really spruce up your door.


7. Numbers Mark the Spot

Get some large, decorative numbers to put on, next to, or over your door. Use individual numbers you hang next to each other, or get a decorative address plaque that really adds an element of style. You can also spell out the number of your house on a column or on a piece of wood or metal and hang it near your door.


8. Hang a Wreath

Wreathes are a fantastic way to add some stunning front door décor to your home, and it’s something that can be changed out to match the seasons of the year or the holiday seasons. Buy a premade wreath or make your own. Hang a traditional Christmas wreath, put one out with new young branches and eggs for Easter. Or just put one out that contains your favorite flowers, some nice ribbon, or other decorative elements.


9. Hang a Sign

You can get wonderful decorative signs to hang near your front door or to sit on your front stoop. You can get a sign that says “Welcome,” or “Home,” or something a little funny. You can even make your own sign, with a nice piece of wood or metal and a stencil.


10. Set Out Some Chairs

If your front step has the room, or if you have a front porch, set up a seating area. Use some nice cushions on the chairs to really make it homey and comfortable for sitting and enjoying the nice weather and a good chinwag with a neighbor.


11. You’ve Got Mail

A vintage mail slot can add a real touch of class to your front door, plus, it is a functional element in your décor. The alternative, of course, is to put up a decorative mailbox that you will enjoy seeing every day, even if all it contains is bills.


12. Add a Kickplate

A kickplate is another functional element you can add to your door that is also decorative for your home. This is a metal plate that runs across the bottom of your door and is used to save your door from getting shoe marks all over it or becoming damaged by pushing the door opened with your foot. Match it to your doorknob and lock and it will look fabulous.


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Published 01.11.21

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