3 Inexpensive Wall Decoration Ideas

Looking to make your place feel more yours? Or ready for a change but trying to stay on a budget? There are plenty of cheap wall decoration ideas you can try to spruce it up without spending too much money. You’ll just need a bit of creativity and a touch of inspiration.


With that in mind, here are a few cheap wall decoration ideas to get you thinking, dreaming, and designing your heart out.


Cheap wall decoration idea #1— Frame it

A perfect way to create cheap wall decorations is to try using items you might already have on hand. Any old picture frames lying around? Great! Framing a unique picture or pieces of art can help spruce up any wall. If the frame is old or dated, consider painting it. Using matte or chalk paint can give it a vintage feel.


If you’re feeling low on artwork, consider using gift bags. This could work particularly great for seasonal wall decorations on the cheap—last year’s Christmas wrap has officially become next year’s hanging feature. Other things you might frame are old cards, artwork from magazines, and discounted prints or posters.


Cheap wall decoration idea #2—Make a collage

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can take your framing work up a level by making a collage. To do this, it’s fun to start with some of your favorite magazines (that you don’t want to read anymore). Flip through all of them and pull out the whole sheet of anything that catches your eye. Once you’ve gone through a pile, you’ll probably find that many of the pieces have a sort of style in common (this is your personal taste shining through!).


From there, you can cut out specific images you like or various letters to spell something out. If you like brand names, you can use entire brand logos. You might also consider mixing in some newspapers for a mixed black and white/colored effect. Or you can go all black and white.


Feel free to layer as much as you want, using a glue stick as you go. When you’re done, seal your work. The simplest way to do this is with a thin layer of white glue (it will dry clear). You can also use contact paper or packing tape, but these options have their setbacks. With your work sealed, you can add 3D layers on top if you want to give it more texture. You can still frame this sort of thing but plan to work without the glass.


Cheap wall decoration idea #3—Add texture

There are many different ways to add texture to your walls on the cheap. This could be adding a few painted boards to create some framing, hanging a tapestry with a unique design, or using strips of wallpaper without covering the whole wall.


For each of these ideas, you’ll also want to consider lighting. Wall scones with hidden cords, string lights, and led strips are great ways to exaggerate some of the texture you’re trying to build.


You might even consider mixing some of these ideas—for example, try adding a few boards and a sheer curtain panel. Use led light strips at the top to give the feeling of light spilling through the curtains.



Creating cheap wall decorations may require creativity, but adding art to your walls is an excellent way to show your unique style. And when you’re done, you can move on to decorating the guest room. Still not feeling cozy house vibes? Consider organizing your space, too, so your place doesn’t just look like home—it feels like home.



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Published 04.21.22

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