7 Closet Drawer Organization Ideas

Be the master of your wardrobe and put your best foot forward every day—starting with a bit of closet drawer organization. Sound a little over the top? While organizing won’t solve all of your fashion woes, it might go further than you think to keep you feeling fresh and less stressed over a pair of mismatched socks.


Decide what to hang

Before you get to your closet drawer organization, decide which items in your closet would be best left hanging. This includes dresses, skirts, suits, blazers, and other finery that you don’t want to get wrinkled.

Keep an eye out for silk, satin, and lace—all materials that are likely to wrinkle if you so much as drop them on the floor. And pay special attention to things like cotton dress shirts or pretty much anything made of linen. On the flip side, slinky or stretchy items that contain materials like lycra or jersey are best to fold to keep from stretching out.


Manage the big stuff

If you don’t have enough space to hang more oversized items like coats or sweaters, you might consider these under-the-bed storage tips. You can also use compression bags that save space by removing air. If they fit, keep these items in the lower drawers to prevent them from getting in the way of the rest of your closet organization.


Make it exclusive

Pick your sock drawer and stick to it—this is an essential rule if you’re not an adamant folder, but it can also make folding more simple. The same goes for a dedicated underwear drawer and possibly one for your pajamas or lingerie.

If you don’t have enough drawers to make this happen, you can purchase drawer bins that help you accomplish the same thing. Doing this can help find small items quicker and might also preserve the life of your socks by allowing you to fold them over or stack them instead of stretching the elastic to form a pair.


Get on a roll

Rolling instead of folding certain items can help you save space and see more of your options in one glance. This can work well with jeans (if you don’t have a ton of them), pajama or workout pants, and almost all t-shirts.


Level up your drawers

One of the benefits of closet drawer organization is increased accessibility. To save yourself time in the morning, put essentials like socks and underwear in the top drawers since you’ll probably be digging for these the most. Then put shirts and tops at the mid-level and pants closer to the bottom—in the same order that you wear these things.



If you happen to have extra drawer space, you can always use small bins to help you organize your accessories in one of them. While this probably won’t work if you have a lot of clothes and not much space, having an accessory drawer can be super handy. Prioritize things like belts and beanies that you’re likely to put on every day.


Put the pests to rest

There are a few insects that are known to infest your drawers. While you might not physically see them, they often leave evidence behind in the form of a hole in your favorite shirt or pair of socks. Consider filling small bags with cedar pieces and lavender to keep the pests at bay.

Closet drawer organization can a bit of the clunk out of your day by simplifying a task you have to do all of the time—we know, who made clothes mandatory? And when you’ve finished that, you might consider organizing your linen closet, too. Or try these other closet organization tips.


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Published 03.24.22

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