5 Must-Have Under Bed Storage Tips

Cramped on space or just unwilling to sacrifice an inch of your well-curated wardrobe? That’s ok–we get it. And apparently, so do hundreds of other under-the-bed-storage makers out there who offer every type of material, shape, and functionality imaginable.


With this article, we’ll help you skip over some less practical options and suggest a few tips you might not have considered yet in your search for the ultimate under-the-bed storage.


Seasonal access vs. everyday use

If you’re looking for a suitable place to keep your winter wardrobe when it’s 80 degrees outside, then under-the-bed storage could be a great idea. But having an accessible spot for your massive sock collection is also a slick move. Just be sure to decide this before you start shopping for under-the-bed storage options because how often you use them can impact which ones you choose.


Insect proof

At least eight types of insects have an appetite for munching on your clothes. Pretty gross, we know. When thinking about storing clothes so close to the floor, though, it’s something you have to consider. It’s not just moths, either, who fancy themselves some cotton. From beetles to cockroaches and even silverfish—you might not be the only one impressed by your sock collection. And you might not want to put one of those socks on mid-snack time

If keeping bugs at bay is a concern, consider under-the-bed storage containers that promise to keep the bugs out. There are a few that market themselves as such. Plastic containers with tight lids could also work. But neither is very practical for everyday use. As an alternative, you can make homemade lavender and cedar bags to keep the bugs at bay.


Pet temptation

Insects aren’t the only ones who might be tempted by your clothes. Cats have a reputation for finding the best cozy spots, and any cloth-based under-the-bed storage might be far too tempting for their claws to resist. Don’t think you’re off the hook, either, if you own a dog instead. Some dogs might also find your socks to be a particularly tantalizing treat, which could be ruff indeed. Be sure to consider your pets while shopping for under-the-bed storage or risk a fur-some outcome.


If the shoe fits

Don’t limit your under-the-bed storage to just clothing if shoes are more your thing. Rolling under-the-bed storage can make your full shoe line-up easily accessible. This might still not work if your dog has a thing for chewing up shoes—but it’s a pretty practical solution for all the other critters that might have their sights set on your fresh linen. Other items people store under beds might include winter clothes and extra bedding. Just be sure to have your lavender-cedar bags ready for those types of things.


When you can’t get the hang of it

Pests and pets aside, there’s one very compelling reason to use under-the-bed storage—if you’re the type of person that just hates to hang clothes. Having bins for socks, underwear, and even t-shirts can make it easy to store some basics. It can also save you time on folding or hanging things up. Yes, we know how lazy this sounds. But if you’re keeping your freshly dried clothes in a basket for days at a time anyway, wouldn’t it be better to at least have them organized?

Of course, under-the-bed storage isn’t your only option for keeping your clothes accessible. You might also consider tips for closet drawer organization. Or, if bedding is more your issue, here are some ideas for organizing your linen closet. Just remember, when it comes to arranging your clothes—don’t let the bugs bite.


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Published 03.24.22

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