10 Front Porch Decorating Ideas to Make a Statement

Your front porch is the first impression people have of your home, whether they are just passing by or they are coming on over for a visit. You want your front porch to be eye-catching and welcoming, and you want it to be an extension of your personality. This is how you will truly give potential visitors a taste of what they can expect when they walk through your door. With this in mind, here are our top 10 porch decorating ideas.


1. Add Lots of Plants

Plants are one of the first things that come to mind when we think of the front of our house. You can have plants in pots or hanging baskets that add another dimension to the décor. Play around with different varieties of greenery and flowers. And the same goes for pots. Use terra cotta, go with stacking pots, and play around with reusing old containers and jars as pots to give your porch an eclectic look.


2. Create An Outdoor Living Room

Make your porch as inviting as your living room by making it an outdoor living room. Get some nice porch furniture, such as a loveseat, some chairs, or even a porch swing. Add some nice cushions and some throws (in case you’re sitting out when the weather gets chilly) and you have a cozy and comfy atmosphere in which to relax and pass those spring, summer, and early fall days and evenings. Add some curtains to the end of the porch to add that extra touch of having an indoor living room outdoors.


3. Use Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs add some pizzazz to your porch floor. Get outdoor carpeting for your living area for some DIY décor, matching the other accents you are using. You can also use a runner if you have a long porch, and don’t forget about the mat in front of your door. You can get one that has a pretty image on it or a welcoming or humorous saying.


4. Welcoming Signs

Speaking of sayings and welcoming words, signs are a great way to accomplish this, while adding to the décor of your porch. There are many shops that sell pre-painted signs with inspirational, funny, or charming sayings on them. Or you can create you own. Do it free-hand or use a stencil to make something fun and beautiful. And paint on whatever material you want, such as wood or metal.


5. Decorative Wreaths

A decorative wreath to hang on your door is a great front porch decorating idea that will add a touch of class to the front of your house. You can change up the wreath to match the season. And as with the signs, you can buy pre-made wreaths or make your own using synthetic and/or natural materials.


6. A Touch of Color

If you love color, let everyone know! You can use so much color on your porch, and for some people, it is a place where they feel more comfortable using bright and fun colors than they do inside their home. Mix up plain colors with patterns and be as subtle or bold as you want.


7. Play With Textures

You can play with textures on so many levels. You can choose plants with contrasting textures. Use more than one color to paint your porch rails and porch floor, perhaps using a painting technique that allows you to create visual textures through the paint you use. Add texture through the signs and artwork you choose and the materials you use on your furniture.


8. Proper Porch Lighting

There is so much you can do for porch lighting. String lights add an amazing level of style and coziness to any porch setting. Get white lights or use lights of different colors. You can also install hanging lamps and use outdoor lanterns and candles to create a great atmosphere.


9. Create a Theme

Your front porch decorating ideas don’t have to be random. You can use a theme when decorating. You can change up your décor with the seasons of the year or with the holiday seasons, perhaps using stacked wood and a basket of pinecones in the winter, hay bails in the fall, and light, breezy curtains in the summer. You can also create different types of home décor themes, such as a beachside cottage, rustic, or a boho theme. Get creative. You are only limited by your imagination.


10. Get a Nice Door

Finally, we just have to mention your front door here because your front door is part of your front porch. If it’s old, consider replacing it. Or you can paint it in a color that will go great with the rest of your front porch décor. If you have a screen door, consider painting it to, or get one in a design that matches your décor. There are many different door decorating ideas that will complement the look you have created for your porch.


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Published 04.07.22

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