10 Best Pantry Organization Ideas to Try Today 

Your pantry is sacred. It keeps your food and beverages in one place and behind closed doors so that your kitchen can remain neat and tidy. Your pantry is something you also go into every single day to get the ingredients to prepare healthy meals for you and your family. Having an organized pantry makes food preparation a much more pleasant task, and our amazing pantry organization ideas are sure to help you in making this a reality.


1. Go Through Everything and Purge in Your Pantry

The first step of pantry organization is to take stock of what you have. That means you need to pull everything out, sort it into categories (canned goods, dry goods, baking, etc.), and throw away anything that is past its expiration date. If you have food that is still good, but you don’t want it, donate it to your local food pantry.

This organization is the key to finding what you need when you need it. But it is just the first step. Once you have your food sorted into different food categories, you will need to put it back into the pantry. This is where all the other pantry organization ideas listed here will come in handy.


2. Separate Your Pantry into Zones

Once you have your pantry contents sorted, you essentially have them ready to put into their own sections. So, create zones or areas in your pantry that are reserved for these categories of food. You can have a section for baking supplies, one for canned goods, one for herbs and spices, and one for snack foods. Create whatever sections or zones work for you.


3. Make More Shelf Space

Every pantry has shelves, but is that shelf space enough? Chances are you could do with more and it’s super easy to expand that shelf space. All you need are shelf risers. These have to be one of the best pantry organization ideas out there. Putting shelf risers on each of your shelves will literally double your shelf space.


4. Use Hanging Baskets

Another way to make the best use of vertical space in your pantry is to use hanging baskets. If you have wire shelves, you can hand the baskets from those shelves. If you have solid shelves, you will need to install hooks from which to hang the baskets. These baskets can hold produce and small packaged items.

5. Use Bins for Small Things

There are so many small packages that go inside a pantry, such as bags and jars of herbs and spices and packages of baking ingredients, like baking soda, baking powder, and food coloring. These can easily be stored in small bins and baskets, organized neatly and easily accessed by pulling out the bin to find what you want. It certainly saves you from having to pull everything off the shelf to find one small container or bag of spices or other food item.


6. Lazy Susans for Corners

If you have roomy but hard-to-reach corners in your pantry, Lazy Susans are indispensable. Put large and small items on a Lazy Susan (depending on the size of the corner and the Lazy Susan) and you have easy access by simply spinning it until you find what you’re looking for.


7. Avoid the Use of Round Storage Containers

While you can’t avoid the use of round things all the time when tackling pantry organization—after all, you canned goods are round—it is best to use square or rectangular containers when storing other food items. This makes it easier to stack them and organize them in a way that provides you with an optimal use of your space for storage.


8. Hooks and Pant Hangers

Hooks are a great way to use up empty wall space. This can help you hang things like towels or aprons, and even your broom and mop. As for the pant hangers—yes, we said pant hangers—these are ideal for storing chip bags, particularly if you use wire shelving. Just clip a chip bag into a hanger and hang it up. This makes them easy to find and easy to grab, plus they won’t be taking up precious shelf space.


9. Shoe Organizers Are for More than Just Shoes

The clear plastic pockets of a shoe organizer are ideal for storing many small pantry items that could easily get lost. These might be baking items or even snacks, such as pudding and granola bars.


10. Label Everything

Finally, it is important to label everything in your pantry. Obviously, your canned goods speak for themselves, but chances are you are storing a lot of your food in containers. Make sure each container is accurately labelled. This will ensure you can easily find what you are looking for and there is no confusion. The last thing you want is to put sugar into your pancake mix only to find out that it was salt.


Good Pantry Organization Is the Key to a Happy Kitchen

There are many ideas in this list for you to make your own. Pick and choose the ones that are right for you, whether you have purchased a new construction home or a resale home or just want to jazz up your current pantry. Once you implement these tips, you will find that being in your kitchen and preparing food is more joyful than ever.


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Published 01.13.22

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