Guide to Buying

As you embark on the process of buying your new home, read this guide to help you understand the process.


Prioritize your down payment

While there are plenty of low-down-payment loans, a Down Payment of around 20% will usually help you secure a better interest rate on your loan. That being said, there are more options available than you might have realized. These days it is possible to purchase a new home with a considerably lower down payment and still get a favorable interest rate. To learn more about how to buy a home with a lower down payment, click here.


Set a price range that is comfortable 

Use Pulte Mortgage's mortgage calculator to factor in estimated taxes, insurance and HOA fees before you start looking at properties. Shop at the lower end of a realistic price range so you won’t waste time.


Avoid sacrificing location for space

You probably know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your home. But don’t forget to factor in how location will affect your investment and your day-to-day life. The house of your dreams might be less dreamy with 2 hours of commuting every day. And be aware of a location’s influence on property values: Anything from a good school district to a nearby coffee shop can give the property’s appreciation rate a boost.


Investigate the neighborhood

Once you’ve honed in on an area, find out about its future development plans. Could these projects affect the neighborhood character and property values? A new soccer field might be perfect for your blossoming goalie, but a future buyer may not want to live next to the action. If you’re looking in a particular community, ask around about the HOA, or ask for the HOA contract before you decide. You may find that certain rules (like no renting allowed) don’t work with how you plan to invest.

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