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Decorating a new home can be exciting, but it can become overwhelming, especially if it is your first. Making the wrong decision could easily make or break the overall look and feel of your home, wasting time and money when you have to correct those mistakes. Incorporate these easy DIY décor ideas to add a big style impact to your home without a big impact on your wallet.

Choose the right furniture

One of the most common missteps when it comes to decorating a new home comes with the furniture. When choosing furniture for your new space, size and scale are just as important as style and color. Furniture that is too large can make a room feel cramped and difficult to move through, while furniture that is too small takes away from the warm, cozy feeling.

Stick to your color story

The biggest impact is often found in the smallest details. Once you have chosen the color story for your room, resist the urge to veer away. Consider using window treatments, throw pillows, and simple accessories as opportunities to showcase your accent color without distracting.

Create a family art gallery

Forget the fridge, it’s time to bring your kid’s artwork front and center. Create a gallery that’s sure to be a conversation piece by putting those masterpieces in matching frames and showcasing them along a hall or staircase. Another option is to frame a selection of your family’s favorite photos from social media, changing them every few months.

Incorporate natural elements

Natural elements help to bring a sense of calm to your surroundings. Some common houseplants have even been proven to help clean the air inside your home. A decorative bowl of stones, an aquarium, or a vase of bamboo poles are easy ways to incorporate nature into your living space.

Create a memorable reflection

An easy and inexpensive way to create drama and a sense of space is by using mirrors. In addition to being a beautiful and useful decorative addition, you can use mirrors to reflect light from windows and lamps into darker areas of a room. Hanging mirrors along a hallway or staircase can also make them feel more open and welcoming.

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