5 Cheapest Places to Live in Texas

Just because you’re looking for the cheapest places to live in Texas, doesn’t mean you want to be bored out of your mind. And truth be told, we could probably dig up some very “quiet” Texas towns. But there are plenty of places to consider in Texas that are affordable and close to cities with all of the action. Here are just a few.


Ft. Worth, TX

The truly neglected sibling of Dallas, Ft. Worth is about a 35-minute drive away. But if you love everything that makes Texas, well, Texas—you might not want to leave Ft. Worth at all. With a couple of quaint, walkable areas, a thriving downtown, and The Stockyards (we’re talking weekly rodeos here), Ft. Worth is one of the cheapest places to live in Texas without having to sacrifice much at all. And if you’re looking for new home construction in Texas, you can find it just twenty minutes outside of Ft. Worth with prices starting in the upper $290s.


Denton, TX

Home to the University of North Texas, Denton is a cozy college town with a historic downtown area that hosts a slew of coffee shops, record stores, restaurants, and cocktail bars. With a thriving music scene (thanks to a competitive, top-ranked music program at UNT) and local artists that have helped the area thrive, you’ll find plenty to love with a new home in Denton, all while enjoying convenient access to Dallas.


Forney, TX

With a plethora of new construction homes in Forney, many starting under $300, this quite suburban town offers unique access to Lake Ray Hubbard—a popular spot for fishing or taking a boat ride. It’s also only a 25-minute drive from Dallas making it a perfect spot to enjoy a lower cost of living while also banking on some lakeside activities that the whole family could enjoy.


San Antonio, TX

Although one of the larger cities in Texas, San Antonio has managed to stay reasonably affordable. In fact, it’s the most affordable city we’ve named on this list so far. And these low costs are also reflected in housing—new construction homes in San Antonio start as low as $216,999. Perhaps one of the most popular features of the city is the San Antonio Riverwalk, with brick pathways, bridges, and plenty of restaurants and bars along the way.


You’ll also find plenty of home pride around the San Antonio Spurs and more than one notable university. And if you’re a history buff, you’ll find plenty of Texas lore at The Alamo–a historical Spanish mission and fortress that played a key role in the Texas Revolution.


Houston, TX

Another major city in Texas with a warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities, Houston offers a low cost of living and affordable housing,  with new construction homes in Houston starting in the low $200s. It’s also second only to New York in being home to more Fortune 500 companies in the US. Job opportunities include oil and gas companies, tech jobs, business services, and aerospace to name a few. And in recent years, Houston has offered up more new jobs than any other city in the US.


It’s also home to Rice University, University of Houston, and Texas Southern University—which could help to explain it’s surprisingly young (the median age in Houston is 33) and progressive population.


On your search for the cheapest places to live in Texas, you’ll likely discover other cities that are even more affordable. But the amazing thing about Texas is that you can find still affordable places to buy a home, without having to live too far from a major city–or in some cases, you can even live in that major city. Of course, there are other cheap states to consider. But there’s a reason why so many people are choosing to move to Texas.


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Published 03.31.22

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