5 Best Places to Live in 2022

There are a lot of ways to determine the best places to live, and a lot of it depends on what’s most important to you. But let us help you sort that out with a few leading qualities that draw people to new cities.


Oakland, CA — Walkable

Of course, New York City is the most walkable city in the US. But if your best places to live list focuses on walkability and you prefer to bask in the sunshine, then Oakland could be a top contender for you. While it’s a pricey place to be, it’s still more affordable than New York City or its sister city, San Francisco. Downtown is the most walkable area, with a busy waterfront packed with restaurants and bars. And not too far away, you’ll find many historical homes.


Raleigh, NC — Laid Back

With strong job growth and the potential for a high quality of life, Raleigh has made more than one list of the best places to live. Here, you’ll find friendly folks and microbreweries along with plenty of green spaces and a budding music and arts scene. You can also find new construction homes in Raleigh starting in the upper 300s.


Georgetown, TX — Cozy & Hip

Austin has also consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the US. But as the population has blossomed there, so have the prices. Fret not–sitting just half an hour outside of Austin is Georgetown, boasting a historic downtown and homesites off the beautiful San Gabriel Lake. Much like Buda, TX the area is starting to grow out as Austin continues to expand. You can find new construction homes in Georgetown starting in the low $300s.


Sarasota, FL — Seaside Culture

Offering easy access to the famed Siesta Beach, Sarasota has more to offer than your typical beach life. With plenty of rooftop bars and a growing number of opera houses, Sarasota offers a unique mix of fine dining and cultural experiences. Plus, you can find new construction homes in the Sarasota area starting in the high $200s.


Tucson, AZ — Return to Nature

Have an appreciation for gorgeous mountain views? Tucson might make your list of the best places to live. Home to the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains, the city is also in growth mode. With its cost of living sitting below the US average and new construction homes in Tucson starting in the mid $300s, it’s an ideal outdoor oasis for many.



There are plenty of things to consider when creating your list of the best places to live. Like which cities are best to buy in vs. renting, or which cities are the best for first-time homebuyers. And as you get closer to making your decision, you’ll want to have a better idea of how much it costs to buy a home in 2022.


Just keep in mind that no list is perfect. Other factors you should consider before you decide which place is best for you is proximity to family and access to hobbies and activities that you love. And if finding a new construction home is important to you, make sure to find home builders that offer at least a 10-year structural warranty and easy access to the home building process.


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Published 04.07.22

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