10 Top Bathroom Counter Organization Tips 

The bathroom counter is a high-use space. Numerous items take up residence on this counter, including soap, dental care items, hairbrushes and accessories, toiletries, lotions, makeup and skincare and so much more. No wonder the bathroom counter is prone to becoming cluttered.

This clutter can become unsightly, but it also makes it much more difficult to clean your bathroom, something that is important to maintain sanitary environment. If you find your bathroom counter needs some serious organization, we’ve got you covered with these 10 bathroom counter organization tips.


1. Purge for Better Bathroom Organization

The place to start when it comes to bathroom counter organization is to get rid of what you don’t need. This means getting rid of toiletries and makeup that are past their expiration date, removing items that don’t belong in the bathroom, and categorizing what stays in the bathroom.


2. Decide What Stays on the Bathroom Countertop

Once you have determined what you are keeping in the bathroom, it is time to determine what stays on the countertop. Things you use daily, such as your toothbrushes and toothpaste and hand soap should stay within easy reach. Other items, such as makeup and hair accessories can be put elsewhere.


3. Use Trays and Baskets to Organize Your Bathroom

If you are keeping a variety of items, such as makeup and skincare on the bathroom counter, one great way to keep items organized is to put them in a shallow basket or on a decorative tray. This keeps them all in one place and makes it easier when it comes time to clean your counter. If you have many items to organize, make this a stackable tray that has dividers in it to ensure you are super organized.


4. Use Decorative Containers to Organize

There are a lot of loose items you use in the bathroom on a regular basis, such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, makeup sponges, and hair accessories. These are easy to store in containers and this is a fun way to be creative with your bathroom décor. You can use a variety of mason jars, decorative glass dishes, vintage tea tins, or anything else your imagination can come up with. And the glass or tins and containers can be in the colors that match your bathroom décor.


5. Use a Makeup Organizer

Makeup is one of the things that can really get out of hand, which is why good bathroom counter organization should include a way to keep it in check. There are great makeup organizers out there that are designed to sit on the countertop and help you organize makeup brushes, eye makeup, lipsticks, cleansers, and more.


6. Use Drawer Organizers

Taking all the things that you don’t want on your bathroom counter and shoving them in a drawer defeats the purpose of bathroom counter organization. You need to be able to access the items in your bathroom drawers easily and that means the drawers need to be organized. To accomplish this, use drawer dividers and/or drawer trays to contain items based on category and use. Your drawers will look neat and tidy, and you will know what’s in them at a glance.


7. Install Shelves Above Bathroom Counters

Small shelves can be used to help with bathroom counter organization. Use either wall-mounted shelves or a shelf that can be set on the countertop to arrange items vertically and clear space on your counter. The shelving can be glass, metal, wicker, or any material that suits the space. An alternative to wall-mounted shelves is to use a small shelving unit that sits next to your counter. This may be a good option if you have the floor space.


8. Put Up Wall-Mounted Holders Over Bathroom Counters

When it comes to bathroom counter organization, an alternative to shelving is to use wall-mounted holders. You can get a wall-mounted container for hand soap or bar soap and small metal or plastic containers to hold small toiletries and other items. Make them square or round and use the colors that work best with your décor. An alternative is to secure baskets to the wall for added pizzazz.


9. Use Under-Sink Storage

Under the sink can be used for more than just cleaning supplies. You can use a decorative basket to store extra towels and face cloths and racks and shelves to tuck away items you may not use as often, such as perfumes, makeup for a night out, nail grooming tools, and extra hand mirrors.


10. Make Use of the Middle Counter Space

This tip is for those of you who have a double sink. While you might be tempted to put one person’s things on one side and the other person’s things on the other side, there is space between the sinks that you can make use of. You can put a small shelf, tray or basket here to hold a variety of items you both use.


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Published 01.13.22

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