10 Closet Organization Ideas That Really Work

Closets are designed to keep our clothing, shoes, jackets, and other items organized and out of site. After all, out of sight out of mind they say. But is it really out of mind? Or is that disorganized, messy closet nagging at you.

If you do have closets that are chaotic, that make you want to shut the door as soon as you open it, rest assured there is hope. Even the smallest closets can be organized to be more functional and tidier. And the following 10 closet organization ideas will help.


1. Start with a Purge of Your Closet

Purging is truly the most important of the closet organizing ideas. After all, there is no point organizing things you aren’t actually planning to keep. To properly clean out your closet, the first thing you need to do is determine if there are any items in there that you are keeping but could be stored elsewhere. This includes things like the vacuum cleaner and holiday decorations.


Next, take everything out of the closet and put each item in one of three piles. These piles are: Keep, Donate, Throw Away. As you do this, be brutally honest with yourself as to whether you really need or want each item. If you haven’t worn or used something in the past year and it doesn’t have any sentimental value that justifies keeping it, donate it or throw it away. Of course, once you get rid of the Donate or Throw Away items, you will be left with a pile of things you still need to sort through.


2. Sort the Keep Pile

Sorting the items is the next of the closet organization ideas to embrace. This is most easily done by sorting them based on season and functionality. In other words, when they are used and what they are used for. Clothing and shoes can be sorted by type and season, makeup, accessories, and jewelry by functionality (e.g. casual vs. formal).


Once you have things sorted, you can take anything you aren’t using right now and put it in another location. For example, if it’s summer, take all your winter sweaters and scarves and store them in a different closet or the attic until they’re needed.


3. Make Use of Other Spaces in Your Home

You might be surprised at how much other space you have in your home, even if it is small. Other closets, such as in a guest room or a home office, can be used to store items you are using right now. You may have nooks, crannies, and corners that can be turned into stylish storage areas with a clothing rack, shelving unit, decorative storage box, or other storage solution.


4. Shelving Is a Game-Changer

Another of the top closet organization ideas is shelving. A set of shelves can provide you with so much more space to organize your closet. The thing about shelves is that they make use of wall space that is otherwise wasted. Plus, it is easy to buy prefabricated shelving that you can easily install in your closet. These can come with a rod for hanging clothing, drawers, and/or baskets to help organize the contents of your closet.


5. Dividers Are Your Friends

Small and large closets can easily be organized with dividers to separate areas of the closet that will hold a particular type of item. You can divide his and hers clothing, shoes, and accessories and then further divide those sections using various things, such as shelf dividers, racks, totes, baskets, and various sizes of containers.


6. Use Wall Space in Other Ways

There are many other ways you can use the wall space in your closet to organize its contents, particularly smaller items. You can use hooks to hold scarves and jewelry. Spice racks or plastic file folders or envelopes are great for organizing your beauty products. Wire baskets can be attached to the wall to hold other small items.


7. Fold and Hang Clothing Like a Pro

Now that you know where everything is going, it’s time to fold and hang it properly. When folding clothes to put on a shelf, fold neatly and stack them on top of one another. When folding things to go in a drawer, fold them so you can organize them like you would a filing cabinet. Bras can be nested inside one another.


When it comes to hanging, you can hang pants on special hangers made just for them, so they don’t get wrinkled. There are also special hangers you can get for belts, ties, and scarves. Ultimately, you want to organize your hanging clothes so that you have all your shirts in one section, all your pants in another, and so on.


8. Put a Donation Bin in the Closet

If you are looking to keep your closet organized—after all, you don’t want all that effort to go to waste—then putting a bin in the closet for donation items is a great idea. Then you can simply toss something in the bin whenever you decide you’re done with it. You could even add a garbage can if you want for those things that end up damaged.


9. Vacuum Seal for Long-Term Storage

If there are things you wish to store for the long-term, such as your wedding dress or some of your children’s special baby clothes, give vacuum sealing a try. This is a great way to make bulky items small and easy to fit in a closet without taking up a lot of space. Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment, just a regular vacuum cleaner and some drawstring garbage bags.


10. Label, Label, Label

When storing things in boxes, totes, baskets, and the like, you want to know what the contents of each container are. The best way to do this is to use labels. You can write directly on totes and boxes or make your own tags that you can attach to the various containers. This will help ensure your organization efforts are not in vain.


Organization Can Be Achieved

Organization is possible, regardless of the size of your closet. And when you move into a new construction or resale home, you may find yourself in need of customizing your closets to organize the contents the way you want them to be organized. Following the closet organization ideas we’ve included here should help you do that in the most efficient way possible. Happy organizing!


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Published 02.10.22

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