Cooking Appliances

Your range, cooktop and oven work together to help you create home-cooked meals to share with your family. With everyday use, the surfaces, knobs and interior can develop buildup over time. Get the basics on cleaning and maintaining these appliances to keep your kitchen cooking.

Care and Maintenance

Follow these care and maintenance suggestions for your home’s ranges, cooktops, and ovens.

To Clean Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens

Clean the broiler pan, control panel, and stovetop with a nonabrasive cleaner.

Clean the knobs with a little detergent and a damp cloth.

If your oven is self-cleaning or continuous cleaning:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the interior.

If your oven isn’t self-cleaning:

Clean the interior with a mild detergent or with soap and water when the oven is cold.

Don’t spray cleaners directly onto the range, cooktop, or oven surface. Put the cleaner onto a soft rag, and then wipe the surface.

Chrome discolors during the self-cleaning cycle on an oven. Remove the broiler pan and chrome racks from the oven before cleaning.

To Clean a Range Hood

Clean the grease filter frequently. Remove it, and wash in a mild detergent solution. Rinse and dry it thoroughly.

Wipe the range hood light bulb when it’s cool with a soft rag and a mild detergent solution. Rinse and dry it thoroughly.

Clean the range hood with soap and warm water, a degreaser, or a nonabrasive cleaner.

Clean the underside of the range hood regularly. Deposits will form a hard residue that can be difficult to remove.

If your range hood has a charcoal filter, replace it once a year. Charcoal filters can’t be cleaned.

Turn off the range and oven before cleaning the range hood.

Never clean the range hood with abrasive cleaners.

For more information about ranges, cooktops, and ovens, visit the manufacturer’s website.