A Better Way to Build

Why Build with Centex

From understanding the stages of construction to choosing the right Centex partner, we are here for you throughout the build process.

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Benefits of a New Home

If you’re still deciding if building is the right choice, consider these benefits of owning a newly-built home.

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Simple Storage Solutions

A Place for Everything

No matter how much space you have, storage will always be important. From out of the way hidden storage options to beautiful containers you will be happy to show off, here are some innovative storage ideas that are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into most any décor.

Find a storage hideaway

Nearly every room in the house has storage space just waiting to be taken advantage of. Look to coffee tables, ottomans, and other functional furniture pieces that can offer out-of-sight storage. Rolling storage bins will help you take advantage of the wasted space under the bed.

For more storage, look up

Bookcases are popular in most homes, but they often don’t take full advantage of the space that is available. Look for (or build) shelving units that are taller, to make better use of the vertical space. You can also add decorative baskets or boxes on top for even more storage.

Behind door number one

The back of a closet or bedroom door is a good spot for bathrobes, sweaters, and other clothing items you want to have handy. Use convenient store bought over-the-door hooks for added storage in an instant.

Hiding in plain sight

Sometimes the best place to store something is right in front of you. A decorative box on an end table or coffee table makes a great spot to keep remote controls. A simple woven basket by the television makes it easy to keep game console controllers and accessories out of sight while they stay close at hand.